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Updated: November 29, 2021


Would You Drink This Water?







According to UNICEF, 46% of Haiti’s population lacks access to an improved water source, and most of Haiti’s water is contaminated with human waste and disease. Out of 147 countries, according to Water Resources, Haiti is dead last on the Water Poverty Index table (WPI). Water-borne contaminants, chronic diarrhea, typhoid and hepatitis are the leading causes of death in this country plagued with the highest child mortality rate in the Western hemisphere.

Distance is another challenge. When we started this project, the nearest well from the OIH center was approximately three (3) miles away.

One of the OIH goals is to change these dismal statistics in Bombardopolis. 


Theo with the well driller
Theo with the well driller

Theo volunteered his time to survey the OIH property. With his expertise, OIH purchased a bigger drill than what we originally planned. He informed us the drill we had in mind would never reach the location of the water source. In addition, the layers of rocks on the OIH property made it necessary to purchase a more durable drill. Theo generously volunteered to drill the first well in Bombardopolis and teach the OIH staff and the locals on how to operate the equipment.

Our needs today are to raise funds to help us continue to drill wells in the local villages. Funds donated will cover costs for gas, drill rig upkeep and replacement bits, as needed. If you desire to help the villagers, please consider partnering with OIH by donating to our Fresh Water Well Project Fund.Through generous donations and countless prayers, OIH was able to purchase an industrial well drill rig in 2009. This will be the first piece of equipment of its kind in Bombardoplis.

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