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Updated: September 7, 2022






  • Help at the OIH Office
  • Assist in Promoting OIH at Events
  • Join a Mission Trip




  • Help at the OIH office by answering phone calls, preparing newsletters for mailing, etc.
  • Assist in promoting OIH at camp meetings or other events
  • Organize fundraising for OIH programs, e.g. bake and yard sales
  • Join a mission trip

Please contact 1-800-704-7611 for more information.

God has combined the members of the body and has given greater honor to the parts that lacked it, so that there should be no division in the body, but that its parts should have equal concern for each other.

1 Corinthians 12:24-25












We always knew that sponsoring a child/children in Haiti was making a huge impact in their life. Never could we have envisioned, though, the impact these children and adults we met during our September 2009 trip would have on us and how they have enriched our life. The English language has no words to describe what we felt when we first met our Haitian daughters. Though the road to Bombardopolis was arduous and our first thoughts were we could never make the trip again, we cannot stay away. We will return again and again, for all of the children at OIH are our daughters and our sons, and they are relying on us.”


Over the years I have prayed for a job that I loved doing and that I knew would be making a positive impact on someone’s life. I found that perfect job when I volunteered to help OIH.”


It’s a tremendous blessing and privilege to be part of a ministry where you can see God’s hand working to reach these abandoned areas of the world. To see the faces of the people, especially the children, in Haiti makes it real. Yes, they are the forgotten ones but with God they’re not. He is using others and me to help them, and with that I believe life is worth living for. May you be encouraged and allow God to lead you to where you should be in life making a difference in this world.”


I always feel that I’ve left my heart in Bombardopolis every time I return to the states. It always takes some time to adjust back to normalcy. Because even though I have so much at home, I always feel so overwhelmed and lost when I think about the children and friends in Haiti. They don’t have much but they have so much hope. They are always so grateful for everything you do for them.

I pray that every individual will have the opportunity to volunteer overseas to keep things in perspective. It doesn’t have to be Haiti but somewhere where God’s hope lives in the midst of severe poverty.